Teaching is a pleasure for me!

My name is Marcel Marek, but let's call me Mersí (hence mersistudio :-))

I graduated from the Music Conservatory in Pilsen, majoring in percussion and piano. However, a teaching career was not waiting for me. Already during my studies I fell into the passion of live concerts, the intoxicating smell of rock clubs and life on the road. They say that the most important thing is to start (which of course also applies to the decision to teach :-)) and I was very lucky to join the great band BURMA JONES at the age of 19. The hit Samba in the Raindrops came along and the roller coaster started. In 1998 I co-founded the DĚDA MLÁDEK ILLEGAL BAND, which I still play with today.

Learning came to me on its own and ironically I have this time to thank for that. By stopping performing, I got a lot of free time. So I started teaching music to my friends' children. And lo and behold... I started to enjoy it immensely. First it was drums, now it's piano and music lessons. I try to approach my students not as a cantor, but rather as a friend who, in a slightly novel way, draws attention to the material being discussed and, thanks to my experience in live performance and years spent in the music business, can see beyond the horizon of the music paper.

That's all....and don't forget that the teacher is